If there is anything that anyone knows about home stylist Susanna Tolo from @coastalhamptonstyle (instagram), it is her bubbly personality, passion for elevating abodes, and classy taste.  Those who’ve followed her five-year adventure through captivating home tours on Instagram often recognize this cheerful spirit by her fabulous linen ensembles.  Now, this Sunshine Coast resident is sharing her love of this iconic and timeless textile with the world through a new apparel line that will inject your wardrobe with a healthy dose of fashionable elegance.

Tolo’s fondness of linen centers on its incredible durability, breathable fibers, effortlessly chic vibes, and endless versatility.  In her world, it’s simply a required fashion staple piece.  Jazz it up with some fun accessories, or make it your go-to piece for everyday wear.  Whatever you choose to do with it, rest assured that your needs for comfort and sophistication will be met with excellence and enchantment when it comes from Coastal Hampton Style.

Susanna was born in Italy’s beautiful, Tuscan town of Piombino.  At just nine years old, she and her family expatriated to Zambia, where she learned English.  Her father’s career gained them many opportunities to travel to unique destinations throughout her childhood, which only stimulated her profound curiosity about other cultures and lifestyles.  By the age of sixteen, Susanna had lived in five different countries, including Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, and Australia, where she now resides with her own little family.  Her international experiences have helped shape the person she is today.  Her genuinely kind and gentle nature serves as a lightning rod for the social encounters that enable her to learn more about the way others live their lives.  And now, Susanna's linen garments serve as a universal language that can unite the people through the power of style and jubilation.