• Why are Linen shirts more expensive than Cotton?

    Yes, linen is more expensive than, say, cotton, however, the price of linen material reflects its durability, rarity, harvesting methods and manufacturing processes.
  • Is Linen a Sustainable Fabric?

    When it comes to the question of sustainability, Linen is completely biodegradable and every part of the Flax plant can be used in some way or another. In fact, Linen is a much more sustainable fabric than cotton.
  • What Is Linen?

    Linen is a luxury fabric made from the fibers sourced from flax plants. Linen is up to 3 times stronger than cotton and has great durability and a timeless elegance.  You may only be acquainted with this wonder-material through your favourite Susanna Tolo piece or have come across stunning linen curtains or bedding.